The Circle of Life award will be issued to schools whose students (and their community-focused projects), meet the following criteria:

Change in the Community
Innovation and the use of initiative
Co-operation and teamwork

Organisation and Structure
Feeling of Belonging

Impact on others

Students will be responsible for collecting and submitting their evidence, which Young Citizens will review. The framework can be downloaded, but we will also send you physical copy in your school’s welcome pack.

The deadline to submit your evidence for the Circle of Life award is the 18th July 2018.

Please address your completed application to our postal address in the footer of this website.


Based on a team of ten, each team member will probably volunteer approximately 10 hours of their time to deliver their project. This will result in your school’s students collectively giving 100 hours of community service.

Teachers will be responsible for ensuring that their school’s child protection policy is adhered to at all times when students are communicating and interacting with external stakeholders.

We will also ask you and your school’s participants to complete some short evaluation forms as part of the process.

Take a look at the resources we provide participating schools for free.