Finn Judge

Finn has been involved in lots of charity fundraising, including raising regular income for St John Ambulance on a door to door basis, promoting first aid tuition in schools and keeping alumni relations ‘warm’ for his university, the University of York. He was also elected as a sabbatical officer and charity trustee for the York Students’ Union and represented over 200 student groups. 

During his role as a sabbatical officer, he represented over 200 student groups and also founded ‘Activities Access Grants’ for low-income students and led on grant disbursement for clubs and societies. Finn also studied English Literature and Government and Politics at A-Level and received a 1st class honours in BA politics with international relations at the University of York

As well as becoming our first young Trustee, Finn will be starting employment with UCL as a trainee fundraiser so will aim to offer strategic guidance to Young Citizens about expanding our fundraising and donations.