We will:

  • Reach out to all primary and secondary schools to help them give all their pupils the opportunity of high-quality learning about citizenship. We’re particularly concerned with those at the margins of society and have fewest citizenship opportunities. We’ll therefore give particular support to areas of greater deprivation and where social mobility is restricted
  • Be a first-port-of-call for teachers looking for materials which support citizenship
  • Help schools assess how well they are doing in preparing young people for the future, and make suggestions for improvements
  • Be the leading provider of public legal education for UK schools
  • Provide effective, challenging and stimulating ways to develop understanding of the media and of global politics, and economic literacy
  • Bring democratic politics to life by offering schools a range of lesson plans.

We’ll seek both grant funding and contributions from schools to help pay for this work – demonstrating to schools how it is good value for money to access high-quality citizenship programmes that pupils need.