David Kerr, Consultant Director of Education

David advises us on citizenship curriculum issues, and takes the lead in much of our European and overseas work. He is Head of Initial Teacher Training at Reading University. He has a huge amount of experience in citizenship education, and was co-leader of the Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study.

E: [email protected]

Ted Huddleston, Consultant in Civic and Citizenship Education]

Ted is an international consultant in citizenship and human rights education. He has published widely in the field, both in the UK and abroad. A Council of Europe ‘expert’ for many years, he has experience of professional training and consultancy in a range of countries in Europe and the Middle East.

E: [email protected] 

T: 0207 566 4141

Michelle Mangal, Education Manager (Training)

Michelle manages our training provision, which is particularly focused on teachers. A former citizenship education secondary school teacher herself, she is passionate about the need for all young people to have the chance to learn about citizenship.

E: [email protected] 

T: 0207 566 1501

Naomi Kennedy, Education Manager (Resources)

Naomi leads on the production of all our resources – ranging from SMSC lesson plans, to materials about the law and young people, to special resources on topics like Brexit or elections – for both primary and secondary schools.

E: [email protected]

T: 0207 566 4158

Victoria Quijada, SMSC Quality Mark Manager

Victoria manages the SMSC Quality Mark, which helps schools improve the quality of their SMSC provision. She also provides advice and guidance to schools around SMSC.

E: [email protected]

T: 020 7566 4141

Ruth Le Breton, Programmes Manager

Ruth has worked with us for around a decade, and manages our array of citizenship programmes, ranging from Make a Difference Challenge, for primary school pupils, to our Mock Trials, for secondary school students.

E: [email protected]

T: 020 7566 4137

Dr Anne Rice, Programmes Coordinator (Northern Ireland)

Anne is responsible for developing our range of programmes in Northern Ireland, including Mock Trials, Experts in Schools and Make a Difference Challenge.

E: [email protected] 

T: 07400 116 065

Kerry Matthews, Programmes Coordinator (Wales)

Kerry is responsible for developing our range of programmes in Wales, including Mock Trial, Experts in Schools and Make a Difference Challenge.

E: [email protected] 

T: 07791 862 198

Rory Tredwell, Programmes Coordinator

Rory oversees our Bar Mock Trials Competitions for secondary schools, which give thousands of young people each year a unique opportunity to experience the legal justice system. 

E: [email protected] 

T: 020 7566 4154

Constance Littlehailes, Programmes Coordinator

Constance co-ordinates our Magistrates Courts Mock Trials Competitions, for younger-age secondary school pupils, working alongside the wonderful magistrates who volunteer their time.  She also develops our programme of student conferences.

E: [email protected] 

T: 020 7566 4142

Katya Stokes, Programmes Administrator

Katya supports the whole of the Programmes and Learning team, making sure that the many events which are held each year go smoothly, and helping people with bookings.

E: [email protected]

T: 020 7566 4155