Migration of People - *free* classroom resource

This free lesson explores the various reasons why people choose to migrate. They unpack the differences between refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants, examining key pieces of legislation to see what rights migrants have in both national and international law.Read more


For young people in Britain today, it is likely that the remainder of their childhood and early adulthood will be dominated by Brexit. This will have profound implications on their life chances and opportunities.Read more

Social Media and the Law - *free* classroom resource

Our FREE social media and the law resource can help you do just that. The lesson provides a full overview of the law regarding social media and challenges young people to test the law in a number of real life scenarios.Read more

Go-Givers - our SMSC programme

Schools measure children by their academic achievement. However, we need to remember that qualities such as empathy, compassion and fair-mindedness are just as important.Read more


Our economic awareness programmes show students how the economy ties directly to everyday decisions that affect them personally.Read more

Politics and democracy

Political literacy is an important element of citizenship education. Young Citizens has supported schools in teaching political literacy from the beginning.Read more

Controversial issues: guidance for schools

In an age of mass media and electronic communication, children and young people are regularly exposed to the conflicts and controversies of adult life. How can schools help prepare them?Read more