Powered by Young Citizens, Go-Givers has over 150 cross-curricular lessons to support the teaching of PSHE and Citizenship and develop children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) learning, including their understanding of fundamental British Values. Get 20% off subscriptions! Use code SCHEME20

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Go-Givers also includes an extensive range features to assist primary schools in teaching PSHE, SMSC and citizenship that could be used in a scheme of work. Teachers love them and we think you will too!

  • 150+ Lessons Plans (covering areas such as British values, Anti-Bullying Week, Black History Month and many more..)
    "Go-Givers lessons are great because they can be picked up quite quickly and used without preparation. Teachers can use the lesson activities page and simply annotate them for use in their class." - Year 2 Teacher, Kent 

  • 12+ Assembly Plans
    "The assembly plans save me hours of work and provide lots of extra information." 

  • KidZone (Fun Stuff & Learning Tools)
    "The games cover a wide range of important current topics and are a great teaching tool."

  • Positive Behaviour Tools
    "The Kindness Tree tool has been really useful and has helped with behaviour, while not taking up the space a display would" - Teacher, Stockton-on-Tees

  • Assessment Plans
    "The assessment plans are a great way to measure children's progress!"

  • Curriculum Planner
    Thanks for this it's made my planning so much easier." 

  • Enrichment and Reference Materials
    "A vibrant and colourful learning tool for children. Also great for teachers and parents." 

  • Monthly Ethos Statements
    "Some fabulous displays that can be used in the classroom." 

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities
    The 'Make Your Own Maps' and 'Ballot Box' are great. I will be able to use immediately!"

  • Weekly Stimulus Picture
    "The Weekly Stimulus Picture is a brilliant class activity to do before break or lunch times."

  • Whole School Staff SMSC Training Materials
    "The training materials are comprehensive and allow training to be done much easier."

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