Talking about the case of Shamima Begum in the classroom

In February, Home Secretary Sajid Javid revoked Shamima Begum's British citizenship, following her decision to join a terror cult overseas. Did Javid get this right? Who should take responsibility now? Read more

New OFSTED framework indicates SMSC possibilities

The new OFSTED framework is out for public consultation prior to its implementation in September 2019. It currently suggests a big role for SMSC provision... Read more

The importance of citizenship education in the era of Brexit

Britain’s decision to leave the EU, commonly known as Brexit, seemed like an “across the pond” problem that wouldn’t have any profound effect on me. But it did... Read more

Empowering our young citizens finds the ethical line, online.

I was honoured to be asked to write a legal scenario for the Bar Mock Trial National Final. I hope it helps more young people understand the line between ethical and illegal behaviour online. Read on... Read more

Presenting the Circle of Life Award

We're excited to announce that Young Citizens has partnered with Disney's The Lion King to create the Circle of Life Award! Students may earn the award by engaging with their community outside of the classroom, developing valuable life skills along the way. Read more

21st century techniques for ‘talking democracy’ with young people

In this blog, Stella Baynes shares her learnings in trying to reach thousands of UK teenagers and engage them in conversations about our democracy. Read more

Celebrating six SMSC schools

As we celebrate the arrival of 2019, it’s important that we reflect on some of the exemplary work we’ve witnessed in schools over the past year. As such I want to pay tribute to a few of the amazing schools who’ve displayed educational excellence in achieving the gold award of the National SMSC Quality Mark during 2018. Read more

From Law Breakers to Law Maker: The Importance of Including Women in Politics

As a young woman studying politics, I have a particular interest and passion for women in government. The Law Breakers to Law Makers conference further opened my eyes to the endless possibilities women can have if we continue supporting and encouraging them to get involved with government. Read more

Changing Perspectives on Citizenship

From a teacher to charity worker to student; our Partnerships Executive Sophie Whitehead reflects on her time as a teacher and explains why Citizenship teaching is a crucial part of education. Read more

8 Ways to Improve Social Action in Your Primary School

Ideas and inspiration for #iWill week 2018 to develop social action and community involvement in primary schools. Read on... Read more

Education for effective citizens: has it ever been more important?

With increased uncertainty around our place in Europe and continued economic instability, Citizenship as a secondary school subject has never been so important. Read more

6 ways to get your young people ‘talking democracy’

Here's my top six ways to engage and inspire young people in democratic participation. Read more

Sir Brian Leveson asks schools to judge Mock Trial value

The Rt. Hon. Sir Brian Leveson, President of the Queen's Bench Division and Head of Criminal Justice, says why Mock Trials matter... Read more

The National SMSC Quality Mark celebrates its first birthday

Young Citizens is celebrating the first birthday of the SMSC Quality Mark! The Spiritual Moral Social Cultural (SMSC) education is a character-building platform. It provides a holistic perspective for the learner. If provision is sound, it has the potential to support children now and throughout the rest of their lives. Read more

Alexis Amann joins as new Marketing and Communications Intern

Alexis is looking forward to working with Young Citizens and growing her experiences. Read her thoughts on the importance of citizenship and what she hopes to learn from this internship abroad. Read more

The Make a Difference Challenge in the House of Commons

It's been another amazing year for the Make a Difference Challenge! Find out how one school made it all the way to the House of Commons. Read more

Magistrates' Court Mock Trial Competition National Final 2017/18

Constance Littlehailes reports from the 24th annual final of the Magistrates Court Mock Trials competition in Birmingham Read more

FTI Consulting gain recognition for their partnership with Young Citizens

Why I am so pleased FTI Consulting has been recognised for their work in schools? Because Brexit will have the greatest impact on our youngest citizens and they are helping to address the education deficit. Read more... Read more

The Ties that Bind: ‘Citizenship education’s landmark salvation or futile last stand’?

The Ties that Bind: ‘Citizenship education’s landmark salvation or futile last stand’? The House of Lords Select Committee report on Citizenship and Civic Engagement in the 21st Century Read more

Citizenship Education: The View from Europe

Young Citizens played a key role in the development of the Council of Europe's pack on teaching controversial issues. Lead author Ted Huddleston is presenting the pack in Copenhagen today, but here are four themes - that in his words - might be said to characterise the way many of our European counterparts see citizenship education. Read more

Worcestershire Mock Trial Event

Students aged 12-14 took part in our Worcestershire Mock Trial event on Saturday 10th March. Find out what happened... Read more

I’ve just got my money back via a ‘Small Claims Court’. Would young people know they can do that?

Our CEO tells of his own recent experience of using the law to protect his rights, and explains why basic legal understanding is vitally important for all young people, if they're to be confident young citizens. Read more

Using books and stories to improve SMSC Learning

Young Citizens are hosting an interactive workshop; Using books and stories to enhance SMSC Learning on Wednesday 21st March. Read more