The story of Shamima Begum continues to hit the headlines as the Court of Appeal ruled that she is entitled to fight the decision made to revoke her citizenship. Opinions remain divided. Should tax payers foot the bill for her appeal? Was the original decision to revoke her citizenship legal?

What do your students’ think? Our free resource pack helps answer some of these questions.

During the course of this three-lesson unit students research what the law says about the rights of British citizens, before critically examining whether there are any circumstances where it is legally or ethically appropriate to revoke a person’s citizenship.

By the end of the unit, your KS4 & 5 students will:

  • Understand what it means to be a British citizen and what the eligibility requirements / routes to British citizenship are;
  • Have explored some of the rights and responsibilities that individuals have as a British citizen;
  • Understand what it means to have ones citizenship revoked;
  • Have critically considered what the legal and ethical implications of revoking citizenship are;
  • Have examined the roles of the legal system, courts and politicians in the decision making process;
  • Have explored the case of Shamima Begum and considered whether the decision to revoke her citizenship was legal.

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This classroom resource was developed in partnership with The Bar Council. Their support enabled this specialist resource to be produced and distributed to schools for free.