Being an informed and active citizen is empowering and can benefit our whole society.

The more people who participate in our democracy, the fairer and more equal it will be. 

Knowing your rights as a citizen and being aware of the ways you can influence decisions is key to having the confidence to make changes happen in your community. We believe that every young person should be aware of how democracy works and how they can participate in it. Everyone, regardless of background, gender, race or age, should have their say.

That’s why we've launched the Democracy Ambassadors programme with the hope of spreading this important message to tens of thousands of young people.

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We are training and supporting 1,000 Democracy Ambassadors aged 13–16 through their youth leaders to better understand our democracy and how they can influence change. These Ambassadors will then be challenged to share their learning and insight with other young people across England, creating a step change in youth participation.

Download our leaflet to find out more.

The project is funded by the Cabinet Office until March 2019, as part of the Government's Suffrage Centenary Fund.

Please note: applications to the Democracy Ambassador project are now closed

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