The aim of the Digital Citizenship Education (DCE) Project is the empowerment of children through education or the acquisition of competences for learning and active participation in digital society.

In recent times the lives of young people have been radically transformed by the development of increasingly sophisticated forms of digital technology. A major proportion of young people now look to digital technology as their main source of knowledge about the world, their means of communication with others, and for setting up and conducting their relationships. This has important implications for both the concept of democratic citizenship as well as education for democratic citizenship.

The Digital Citizenship Education Trainers' Pack consists of 4 parts:

  1. The essential skills and knowledge to become an effective trainer;
  2. A collection of step-by-step training activities;
  3. Monitoring and evaluation and how and when they are useful in the training process;
  4. A list of one-off Digital Citizenship Education events and activities.

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