Democracy Lesson - Key Stage 2

This lesson forms the first part of a two-part unit on Democracy. Pupils explore the meaning of ‘democracy’, and the ways in which citizens can participate in democratic life in Britain. They learn about the role of the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament and political parties, and how a general election works.

Cross-curricular links: English, history

Learning Activities:-

  • Reading political news stories from different sources aimed at children e.g First News
  • Discussing which political issues matter to them
  • Learning about the Suffragettes

Democracy PowerPoint Presentation
Democracy Lesson Plan

Taking Responsibility - Key Stage 1

This lesson is based around the clever traditional poem about four children named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. It introduces children to the idea of taking responsibility in the context of tidying up toys after they’ve been playing with them!

Cross-curricular links: literacy; drama

Learning Activities:

  • Role play around making excuses. Role play cards included
  • Discussing and writing the responsibilities they feel towards different groups (eg. themselves; their family; the whole country)
  • Celebrating children’s acts of kindness
  • Making pledges on ‘Helping Hands’ coupons. Template included
  • Read, discuss and illustrate the poem ‘Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody'.

Taking Responsibility PowerPoint Presentation
Taking Responsibility Lesson Plan

Our Rules - Key Stage 1

A short lesson to help children understand what rules are and why we need them.

Learning activities:

  • Imagining the perfect classroom
  • Helpful or not? Children are asked to explore a number of rules to see if they think they are helpful or not.
  • What makes a great classmate?
  • Deciding on the rules for your classroom and turning these into a poster

Our Rules PowerPoint Presentation
Our Rules Lesson Plan