Economic Experts in School

We believe the economy, how it operates, and how it is changing, are areas young people should learn about.

Through our award winning programmes on financial education, we’re supporting young people to understand this key area of democratic life.

In 2012, we partnered with FTI Consulting to create a unique employee volunteering programme focusing on economics and in particular the global financial crisis. It aims to improve young people’s understanding of economics by facilitating engaging and interactive sessions with young people.

The programme has proved to be extremely successful, with 93% of the young people stating that the programme has improved their understanding of basic economic terms and concepts.

A student’s perspective

“I had a really good time and I learnt a lot. It was amazing to work with professionals and to hear their insights and learn from them”

Student, Wapping High School, after taking part in an Economic Experts in Schools workshop


Over the past year, the programme has developed to focus on Brexit and the possible implications that leaving the EU might have on the UK’s economy.

Get in touch with Therri Tait, our partnerships manager, if you want to get involved!

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