We help young people to learn about finance and the broader economy, and how economic decisions impact on both individuals and society.

Experts in School: Finance

This offer >engages 14-16 year olds in some of the issues surrounding the economic crisis as well as the challenges of Brexit. The resources consist of three 1-hour lessons covering the different aspects of the economy.  To register your interest in buying these resources or in having business professionals delivering these sessions in your school please contact Therri Tait.

My Money My Rights 

A pocket guide of clear information on all aspects of money for young people. It is accompanied by two lesson plans and is free to download.

Paying for It

A free teaching resource that encourages young people across the UK to engage with the big economic challenges facing the country.

The lesson plans are designed to stimulate discussion around economic and public spending issues. Topics include health, environment, transport, education and employment.

Paying for It delivers aspects of the statutory citizenship curriculum at Key Stage 4, including:

  • how the economy functions, including the role of business and financial services;
  • the rights and responsibilities of consumers, employers and employees;
  • the importance of playing an active part in democratic processes;
  • encouraging students to express, justify and defend orally and in writing a personal opinion about such issues, problems or events;
  • enabling students to contribute to group and exploratory class discussions, and take part in formal debates.