Among many other initiatives we will:

  • Extend the reach of our Mock Trials, where young people take on the various roles of barristers, clerks, witnesses, jurors – with the support of legal professionals – in real court rooms
  • Develop our social action programmes where pupils decide together which issues they care most about and want to take action on – whether that’s local, national, or global
  • Give young people a voice in deciding the priorities for the Brexit negotiations
  • Create more opportunities for young people to engage in democratic politics – even if they are not yet old enough to vote
  • Help young people prepare for work life, when secure long-term jobs are declining, by developing negotiation and teamwork skills
  • Enable young people to experience and express views on economic policies
  • Partner with other organisations, including the National Citizens Service (NCS) to create more opportunities for young people to be active citizens – in whatever form that takes.