We will:

  • Campaign on the importance of learning about citizenship at school
  • Advocate for active citizenship, supported by high-quality citizenship education, making the case for the correct policy framework and adequate levels of funding
  • Work in partnership with others, including the Democratic Life coalition which we helped Establish and our close friends at the subject association, the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT), and other organisations which promote a rounded approach to education
  • Show how citizenship education can support social cohesion, especially in schools with significant numbers of students from different cultural backgrounds; and can help improve social mobility and reduce the risks of extremism
  • Highlight the contribution of citizenship education to the wider curriculum, in helping improve attainment, enhance whole-school culture, and prepare young people for adult life and work
  • Work to protect citizenship within the national curriculum, encouraging schools to provide citizenship as a subject and through other parts of the curriculum
  • Demonstrate the youngest pupils can contribute to their communities through informed social action.