We have been working with the legal profession for over 28 years on our Public Legal Education (PLE) programmes.

We believe that professionals from the legal sector have the skills and knowledge that can enable young people to understand the law, their rights and responsibilities to make a positive contribution.

Young people are entitled to know about the laws that shape their lives, from their rights as consumers when buying goods to the mechanisms in place to protect them from rogue landlords. Support us in equipping young people with the knowledge, tools and confidence to engage with the law in a positive way.

Find out more about our legal volunteer programme offer here.

We have a variety of ways to work with your organisation – from our full Experts in Schools: Law programme, where your lawyers can go into local schools to talk to young people about the law, to our legal workshops where students can visit your offices and have an immersive session on a relevant area of the law, such as social media.

We work closely with The Law Society, The Bar Council and 40 law firms and in-house legal teams to deliver national public legal education programmes. See if you are already part of our national movement to equip and educate our nation's future.

To find out more, contact our Partnerships Manager, Therri Tait.