Developing resilience and critical thinking skills through media literacy

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, society’s need for young people to be media literate becomes more and more necessary. This programme offers young people the unique opportunity to learn about the media from the very people whose day to day is spent navigating and creating media content for a diverse range of media platforms. It’s a truly rewarding experience and creates a lasting impact.

Media Experts in Schools improves young people’s media literacy and resilience by partnering businesses with their local school and providing the opportunity for communication professionals to volunteer in the classroom. They make possible engaging and interactive sessions with young people.

Over the course of three 1-hour sessions, professionals work with small groups of young people, aged 13-14, using specially created resources. They facilitate conversation and debate around subjects such as fake news, bias and media regulation. Through this program, young people learn how to safely navigate the media, as well as work closely with professionals that helps them to build key employability skills, such as critical thinking and communication skills.

If you are a broadcasting channel, newspaper or have in-house communications teams, please get in touch to find out how you can get involved. Contact our Partnerships Manager, Therri Tait

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