During 2020 we have witnessed a shift in the way that most governments around the world operate, as they have had to take a more active role in managing their citizens' lives and livelihoods as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, young people have been exposed to the relevance and power that politicians hold, having seen their parents/carers ordered to work from home (where possible), schools and social clubs close, and exams cancelled.

While a pandemic is very rare, for more than 30 years Young Citizens has sought to engage young people in politics by highlighting the impact it has on their everyday lives. Through participating in discussions about our democracy we will help empower the next generation with the skills to shape their future.

This resource is written for use with KS4 and 5 (13-18 year old) students, over two-hours. The content:

  • Examines how Parliament operates, its different functions and the key roles and responsibilities within government;
  • Looks at the topical and relevant motion of whether the voting age should be lowered to 16;
  • Helps students develop and practice the oracy skills required to enable successful discussion and debate.

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“Learning about Parliament is so important because it educates young people as to how the government works and how much we are affected by politics. I found the resources informative and helpful as they explained all the different roles in a debate, and I really enjoyed expressing my opinion.” - Year 9 student, St James’s Church of England High School, Bolton. 


These teaching and learning resources were developed in partnership with the global firm, FTI Consulting. We are grateful for their support in boosting young people's awareness of our democracy, and the ways we can work together to strengthen society for everybody.