Play a key role in the Mock Trials


The Regional Coordinator is the intermediary between the local legal network (barristers and judges) and the Programme Coordinator and is particularly valuable as a source of contacts in a particular region. Your responsibilities might include:

  • Recruiting and matching mentors for schools
  • Recruiting the volunteer judges for the day
  • Helping to run the heat on the day, perhaps making the opening speech or briefing the judges
  • Liaising with the court staff to arrange extra activities, for example a judges’ lunch
  • Arranging for chambers to sponsor the heat


As Regional Coordinator, you will work closely with the Programme Coordinator, and the role can be as involved or as hands-off as you prefer.


[pic of someone in a courtroom, perhaps talking, gesticulating, explaining to others]


The competition generates so much enthusiasm among schools, barristers and judges alike. This is probably just as well when faced with the task of finding a large enough group of busy practitioners and judges to give up their time to help schools or to assist on the day of the heats. As a Regional Coordinator, keeping an adequate number of volunteers on tap to cope with requests for advice and guidance is not easy, but it is the day itself that is the greatest challenge and reward. If I have a posse of volunteers on the day, then we can cope with pretty much anything that crops up.

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