This unit enables students to develop skills in order to think and communicate about moral issues with stories and videos. These resources help to develop three different kinds of moral thinking. It is aimed at Key Stage 2.

Download 'Talking about values in the classroom' here.

What's included?

  • A consideration of what it means to nurture children's moral development.
  • A suggested methodology through which to discuss and analyse any morally rich story (whether fictional or a real life incident).
  • One exemplar story and notes on how to structure its shared analysis.
  • Video footage of two teachers using the story which can be used for self-study or professional development training.
  • Further discussion of the value of the ability to discuss morals and how children's moral reasoning develops.
  • Two further stories for use in the same way. 

You might also find the following free resource helpful All at Sea: A story of fairness and the rule of law’. All at Sea is an additional story resource that can be used in addition to the above unit, or it can be used separately.

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