Young people are, and will continue to be, some of the most impacted by COVID. However their voices have been largely kept out of public conversations about it and our country's recovery plans. 

Dr Dania Thomas and Young Citizens have developed a classroom resource to introduce young people to the inevitable social and economic consequences that a steep rise in public borrowing will entail for their futures. This is the start of a conversation aimed at exposing young minds to the impact mounting national debt poses to their rights as citizens - thinking about healthcare, education, welfare and pensions.

This session is also designed to validate their lived experience of this crisis, giving young people the resources to better understand what this means for them as well as build their confidence and agency to hold governments to account in the future. 

Who's Really Paying for COVID? is aimed at Key Stage 4 and 5.

It consists of a pre-recorded presentation delivered by Dr. Dania Thomas, as well as accompanying teaching and learning resources that are available to download for free.

This session has been developed as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2020, which is taking place between 7-15 November. It aims to engage with teachers and young people, and raise awareness of the social sciences. We are keen for you to deliver the session to your students within this week, so you can contribute to the 'virtual festival', however the resources will be available for use outside this time period. Please share your involvement on social media using #ESRCFestival.

To download the pack, please complete the form below:

*Please note: Your school does NOT have to commit to delivering the lesson during the week of the festival and we completely understand if you wish to deliver this lesson at a later date.