Young Citizens awarded funding for civic journeys research

Young Citizens is excited to have been awarded a grant from the Institute of Community Studies at the Young Foundation to participate in a research project studying the civic journeys of children and young people.

The study aims to identify the gaps and support needed to keep them engaged with their communities as they transition to adulthood.


Social action

At Young Citizens, we believe every year 6 pupil should have the opportunity to be involved in a social action project before they leave primary school.

Research by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue shows that the younger a child begins their civic journey, the more likely they are to develop a habit of service and continue to contribute to their community as they grow up.

An external evaluation of our youth social-action programmes by The Behavioural Insights Team showed that many of the skills and qualities required for a successful transition (time management, critical thinking, the ability to talk to adults and peers) can be developed by taking part in community projects.


About the project

Young Citizens’ Primary Transitions project (taking place from May to September 2023) will investigate how participating in social action in Year 6 can support pupils’ civic learning, as well as develop wider skills and confidence for a positive transition to secondary school.

We will be following the progress of three primary schools taking part in the Leave a Legacy project, which encourages pupils to make a positive change to their school or community as a parting gift before they move on.

Based in Nottingham, Essex and Hertfordshire, the schools are part of a cohort of more than twenty using the Make a Difference Challenge framework this term to support projects with Year 6 children. Project themes may include biodiversity, sustainability, well-being and community connectedness.

Secondary schools will also be asked to contribute to the research by providing information about how they log new year 7 pupils’ civic learning prior to joining the school, and how that learning is continued through year 7 and beyond.

The project will result in a ‘toolkit’ of suggestions for schools to use to improve the continuity of children’s civic journeys at this important moment of transition.


How to get involved

If you’re a year 7 educator, such as a year 7 tutor, Head of Year, Head of Lower School/KS3 or Head Teacher interested in feeding into our research please complete this survey.

For more information about the Primary Transitions project or about our Leave a Legacy Campaign for year 6 pupils contact