Work With Us

We're made stronger by those who join us in our mission.

For over thirty years we have been working with institutions, organisations and individuals to create high-quality engagement programmes and resources for young people, reaching over 1 million young people to date. Simply put, this support makes our work possible.

We have a menu of ways different supporters can offer their time or support that can match what you are looking for.

See our three strands below for how you can join us in reaching over 300,000 young people a year to see that they have the skills, inspiration and knowledge to become confident young citizens.


Helping schools connect with businesses and businesses connect with young people is vital for helping prepare young people for their future. Whether you are looking for a robust staff volunteering option, or to partner on a bespoke education programme, we have a portfolio of opportunities to collaborate below.

Bespoke Projects

We may be small, but we deliver big impact. 80% of UK secondaries and 50% of primary schools have...


Become a sponsor of Young Citizens Young Citizens is a charity with an ambitious 5-year strategic plan. You can...

Experts in Schools

Skills-based volunteering that makes a difference For young people to grow up to become active and engaged citizens they...


We work with over 2,000 individual volunteers a year, from our Mock Trials programme to Experts in schools. Can’t give time regularly? You can also fundraise or regularly donate to help our key activities reach even more young people. Find out more about our opportunities below.


Join our ambitious UK education charity to help develop young people into confident, informed and engaged citizens. We’re sorry,...

Become a Friend

Help us to make a real difference to the lives of young people by becoming a Friend.


Help us fight for the role of citizenship education in educating and preparing young people for life beyond the school gates. Fundraise for us and help us champion a society…

Leave a Gift in Your Will

It’s important to look after the future of your family and loved ones by making a will, and it’s...


With the commitment of our volunteers, we’re able to ensure quality citizenship education is accessible to children and young...

Trusts and Foundations

We have been forunate to have the support of a range of trusts and foundations over our history. These relationships help us work with dedicated funds that can seed and grow our best work as well as establish ‘what works’ in a rapidly changing society. Find out more below.

Trusts and foundations

Working together to empower young people Many trusts and foundations share our goal of helping young people take their place...


Help us give even more young people the chance to engage with our programmes and resources. All donations can make a difference to the work we do.