Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is a society where people are empowered to shape their communities and institutions to enable a thriving democracy. To achieve this, we provide learning experiences that light the spark of active citizenship for children and young people.

Young Citizens has been providing inspiring citizenship education since 1989. We deliver a range of interactive programmes and provide resource libraries for pupils from primary school age to college age that build the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to engage with complex issues and contribute to democratic society.

Our work empowers children and young people from an early age to shape their communities, institutions and society, building habits for life. 

Read about how we accomplish our mission and vision below. 

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Our Values

Our values make our work possible and enable us to create change for the world around us. We empower...

Strategic Aims

In spring 2023, we published our new five-year strategy, Lighting the Spark. The document sets out our plan to...

Theory of Change

Achieving our Vision Our Theory of Change shows how we use our expertise and resources to work towards our...


Young Citizens believes that active citizenship should be an essential part of children and young people’s education. Each year...

Importance of citizenship education

Why is citizenship education important? Citizenship education gives people the knowledge and skills to understand, challenge and engage with democratic society including politics, the media, civil...


We work alongside trusted partners to further our reach and impact. We are proud to work with a broad...

Our History

Our story begins with a young solicitor in the 1960s. Discover the roots of the charity, its formation and how we have evolved over time.