Corporate Partnerships

Be a part of our mission for change.

We believe that young people need to learn about topics such as the law, media, economics and more, to become the active citizens of tomorrow and professionals are the people best-placed to facilitate this learning.

Our corporate volunteering programmes utilise professionals' unique expertise to help young people build vital employability skills for the future.

Read our ambitious 5-year strategy, Lighting The Spark, to discover how you can get involved.


Our work

We work with our corporate partners in a variety of ways:

Find out more below about how these programmes could be a fit for your team or business in creating a high-impact education and youth engagement strategy.


"As much as it is a learning experience for them, the young people make you think about quite common issues from a completely different perspective. I highly enjoyed it and will definitely do it again."

Associate, Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy, Legal Experts in Schools employer

“I had a really good time and I learnt a lot. It was amazing to work with professionals and to hear their insights and learn from them.”

Student, 14, Wapping High School, Economic Experts in Schools participant

Whatever the size or sector of your organisation we urge you to get in touch with our Partnerships Manager, Kirsty Robertson, to find out how you can help us to reach more young people across the UK.

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