Strategic Aims

In spring 2023, we published our new five-year strategy, Lighting the Spark.

The document sets out our plan to build on our long standing role as a ‘spark’ organisation offering great starting points for more to benefit from and engage with citizenship education.

We know many come to us for a range of inspiring, relevant educational materials and experiences to help them get empower their young people through active citizenship.

To help our work create even more impact in the coming years, we have set four key aims around accessibility, connectedness, relevance and investment.


Aim 1 – Accessible

Increased accessibility of citizenship education that better reaches underserved groups.

  • Targeting higher-need state schools and communities.
  • Ensuring each of our services has a more accessible starting point.
  • Increasing our teacher training offer in areas of expertise.
  • Innovating to reach beyond mainstream education.


Aim 2 – Connected

Opportunities that connect young people to communities and institutions and bring learning to life.

  • Expanding our programmes that engage professionals and institutions.
  • Equipping more educators to support youth-led social action, especially those who may be less likely to engage
  • Convening ‘best practice’ forums and steering groups to enable joined-up approaches between partners.


Aim 3 – Relevant

Ensure young people are included in the shaping of and see the value of citizenship education.

  • Launching a Youth Consultation project to expand understanding of how young people respond to and see citizenship learning in their lives.
  • Establishing a sustainable feedback loop between the charity’s services and our key beneficiaries.
  • Cultivating renewed research on our priority areas.


Aim 4 – Championed

Drive investment into citizenship education through evidencing, convening and advocating.

  • Investing in streamlined data systems to cultivate a clear impact story.
  • Improving buy-in of citizenship education at leadership levels.
  • Championing a citizenship education benchmark for children and young people.


What are we working towards?

These aims contribute to our long-term goals for citizenship education and society as outlined in our theory of change.

  • All children and young people are educated to be active citizens.
  • Children and young people are active in shaping their community and world for the better.
  • Children and young people feel belonging in their communities.
  • Institutions represent the people they serve.


Where next?

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