Theory of Change

Achieving our Vision

Our Theory of Change shows how we use our expertise and resources to work towards our vision of an inclusive and thriving democracy.

This Theory of Change was updated over 2022 with our team and stakeholders to build on the previous model created with the support of Pro-Bono Economics.

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What is brought out in our Theory of Change?

  • It’s about more than schools. Our theory of change map outlines four long-term areas we believe are critical to making our vision a reality. They take into consideration community links, attitudes and institutions.
  • How we work. The Young Citizens team is made up of educationalists, programme designers and experienced partnership architects. This is key to how we both design and deliver programmes.
  • Young people can’t do it alone. It emphasises how we achieve impact not only for young people but our educators, volunteers and institutions by engaging them in our services.
  • We can’t do it alone. We are one piece in a complex system of support for young people and democratic influence. Our goals are ambitious, and we intend to work in partnership with like-missioned organisations and supporters to realise our long-term goals and vision.


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