Our Values

We have high ambitions and we constantly challenge ourselves to meet our values. We aim to grow and take people on a journey with us as we respond to the challenges of today.

Our Values

  • ENQUIRING – We empower and inspire by encouraging a spirit of enquiry and critical thinking, and a realistic sense of optimism and agency.
  • RESPECTFUL – We are respectful but prepared to challenge; authoritative but prepared to listen and learn.
  • COLLABORATIVE – We aim to work in a sustainable, collaborative, transparent and inclusive way.
  • INTERNATIONALIST – We believe in an internationalist outlook, and we aim to share experiences with similar organisations overseas to foster an understanding of global, as well as national, citizenship.
  • FAIR – We strive to make systems fairer through everything we do and believe in the equal worth of every citizen, as well as equality before the law.

In addition to guiding our work, we share these by:

  • Giving children and young people the knowledge and skills for participation. This includes:
    • Knowledge of the democratic system and its processes – not just the elected institutions, but also the other institutions of democracy such as the legal system, the media, political parties, and trades unions.
    • Skills for citizenship – critical thinking, ethical reasoning, political literacy, debating, campaigning, advocacy and negotiating.
    • Understanding our rights and responsibilities as citizens – both those that are enshrined in law, and those governed by personal and societal values and ethics.
  • Giving children and young people the confidence to participate. This includes:
    • Developing a belief in the democratic and legal processes, alongside realism about the constraints and compromises inherent in democracy.
    • Resilience to challenges – the ability to withstand setbacks and seek to overcome barriers.
    • Optimism in the ability to make a difference – whatever our power or position, both as individuals and as communities.

Suggested next steps: