Santander’s Employee Volunteering Programme

A suite of employee volunteering opportunities for Santander staff

Young Citizens and Santander have a long-standing partnership having worked together in numerous capacities over the past decade. One of the key elements of our successful partnership has been the development of Santander’s flagship employee volunteering programme – the ‘Wise’ programme.

We have worked with Santander to create a suite of resources for their UK employees to use when volunteering in schools local to their offices. Armed with comprehensive resources, employees facilitate learning on a variety of topics. We have created resources to be used with students in primary school, secondary school and further education colleges and the programme covers the following topics:

Phase 1: MoneyWise – helping young people to learn about spending, saving and investing, and to understand the role that banks play.

Phase 2: FutureWise – helping young people to consider the future world of work and the skills which they will need to develop to thrive in the changing job market.

Phase 3: DigiWise – helping young people to stay safe on line and to consider who is responsible for personal data.

“In 2018 we worked together with Young Citizens to develop our popular in-school mentoring programme by launching a new module around staying safe online. Young Citizens have used their expertise and experience to help us to create effective educational programmes that are hugely popular with employees and deliver on our sustainability ambition to drive financial inclusion, support inclusive digitalisation and tackle financial crime.”

Tina Boyle, Head of Brand and Sustainability, Santander UK

If you are interested in developing your own bespoke project, please contact our Partnerships Manager, Kirsty Robertson.

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