Shaping Places

Shaping Places gives property developers and construction companies the opportunity to engage young people in urban planning and design.

Urbanisation is a global phenomenon and it is estimated that over half the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. As a result, urban places are changing fast and we believe it is crucial that young people understand the forces that will shape their environment.

Young Citizens we’ll help you to engage young people with urban planning and design, allowing younger generations to meet and interact with professionals from the property industry and give their views on a local development project.

As a tailored offer, we will work with your business to target the outcomes you want to achieve.

With resources created by specialist education professionals, a partnership might:

  • Engage young people in debate on the urban environment and the challenges in creating vibrant places
  • Encourage young people to assume the roles of both planning authority and developer in assessing how homes, workspaces or urban places should be designed to meet the needs of local people
  • Provide your business with valuable insight into how young people – a demographic rarely engaged in the planning process – view their environment.


Interested in exploring options? Please contact our Partnerships Manager, Kirsty Robertson, to discuss ideas.

Shaping Places was developed with support from FTI Consulting.

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