Alexis Amann joins as new Marketing and Communications Intern

I have always thought learning about one’s role in society is an important aspect of education. Young Citizens places an emphasis on citizenship and makes the knowledge accessible for students. The pursuit to equip students with knowledge and skills to become engaged citizens is the core of Young Citizens, and I am excited to be a part of the team behind that mission.

Citizenship is more than a title of a person belonging to a certain country. Citizenship is about learning the values of a country, the skills needed to contribute to society, and becoming active citizens that care about the wellbeing of their communities. I have grown up watching my peers in the United States engage in programs designed to encourage youth to become involved citizens and make a difference. Young Citizens is an organization that provides ample opportunities for young people to learn, engage, and make a difference in this country. These opportunities are crucial to shape young people into engaged citizens to make a difference in their communities, country, and beyond.

I’m Alexis Amann and I’m completing my first week as the new Marketing and Communications Intern with Young Citizens. I am from Memphis, Tennessee and studying at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. My major is Journalism and Mass Communications with a double concentration in Print and Advertising as well as a minor in Marketing. The opportunity to work at Young Citizens is an asset to my understanding and experience with marketing.

I am looking forward to gaining experience in the office rather than inside a classroom. I have been taking classes and learning techniques about marketing, social media, and other various topics. However, now I have the opportunity to take that classroom knowledge and apply it here as well as build upon it.  I hope to contribute on marketing campaigns in order to increase awareness and communication between Young Citizens and schools. I am confident I will gain workplace skills that I can carry on to my future career.

The opportunity to intern at Young Citizens challenges me to grow professionally as well as academically past the classroom. I believe that this cross-cultural experience is invaluable to my future career. It provides a unique perspective to analyse cultures, the workplace, and social environments in a diverse, global setting. The immersive experience of living, studying, and working in London creates a culturally enriching opportunity to grow, and Young Citizens is a major component of my time here.