Using books and stories to improve SMSC Learning

Stories are the most powerful tool that teachers possess.

Stories teach us everything that we need to know about ourselves; what’s right and wrong and about the society we live in. Stories teach us how to question; how to be brave; and how to experience a world that we could never imagine.

Stories are everything.

However, with teachers under increasing pressure with targets; and marking, the magic of stories may be overlooked in favour of literacy targets. Yet with OFSTED’s assertion that “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and, within this, the promotion of fundamental British values, are at the heart of the school’s work” comes a fantastic opportunity to bring the magic of stories back to the forefront of teaching and learning.

SMSC is concerned with the Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural development of pupils. Our SMSC Quality Mark manager, Victoria Quijada fervently believes that schools have many opportunities for SMSC learning. She describes the wonder of a chick being born in the classroom or a seed starting to flourish; the many positive and sometimes negative consequences and rewards for behaviour; pupils learning to appreciate art and culture and ultimately becoming culture makers themselves. Schools are full of SMSC and stories are the ultimate vehicle to explore and add depth to the SMSC already present.

Michelle Mangal, our Education manager, and author maintains that every class has a stack of books that are filled with possibilities for SMSC learning. But where do teachers find the time to analyse which books would be most useful; revisit strategies they can use in class; and research new books to promote discussion on the topics that pupils need to understand to be full, active citizens?

The answer is simple. Come to our conference on March 21st on ‘Using books and stories to enhance SMSC Learning’ and gain all of the above. We are the leading experts on SMSC. Our SMSC Quality Mark is used across the country to validate outstanding SMSC in both state and private schools. Go-Givers, our SMSC resource is used in 1000s of schools, and both Victoria and Michelle are former teachers with specialised expertise in SMSC, Citizenship and Literacy.

Our recent conference on the ‘Power of Storytelling’ had excellent feedback:

“Good knowledge of both books and the SMSC messages behind them”

“Resources very engaging and current”

“Trainer able to comment on what she’s used in class and how it supported the teaching of SMSC”

“Very thorough provoking training session”

This is an engaging conference where you will learn simple and practical skills to enhance SMSC learning in the classroom; share and discuss good practice; and plan for improvements in your school.

Come to our conference and rediscover the magic of stories and how to enhance SMSC learning.

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