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Joseph’s volunteering journey

“A career in the law should be accessible to everyone…”

Growing up in Blackburn in Lancashire I was lucky enough to be supported by inspiring teachers who constantly pushed me to build my knowledge of both the world around me and the wider environment that I would face when I left school.

Visiting courts and meeting local lawyers helped me understand the way in which our society was regulated on a day-to-day basis. I realised that I could have a role in the legal system and contribute in a meaningful way to the lives of others at a practical level.

I wanted to help by volunteering with Young Citizens to give young people the same sense that I had: that they could contribute to the lives of the people around them; that the law was not just something that happened around them or to them but something they could shape and improve.

Society is a club that only really means something if you invest personally in its future and Young Citizens’ mission embodies that idea.

A career in the law is something that should be accessible to everyone. Only by recruiting the best from all backgrounds can the law really develop to become a system of regulation which helps a society grow and improve to become a system that serves us to make our lives better.

Volunteering has meant meeting young people who are really motivated to discover their place in the world and who are passionate about becoming valuable citizens. It has been an inspiring experience to see young people who want to make the world better.

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