Clayesmore Prep School, Blandford, Dorset

Heather Bignold, Librarian & Head of PSHE at Claysmore Prep School, Dorset. Member of the Go-Givers – our programmatic library of Primary Teaching Resources curriculum lessons and assemblies – Community since 2015.

Go-Givers resources can now be found on our Browse Resources webpage.

Who decided to take out a subscription to Go-Givers and why?

My colleague and I decided to take out a subscription when we took on the co-ordination of PSHE.  We were looking for something that would get us going and would provide us with lots of resources on various topics. The subscription was reasonably priced too which was really helpful.

How does the school use the Go-Givers resources?

We created our scheme of work after going on some PSHE Association training where we understood that our provision in this area of the curriculum should be tailored to what suits our school and our pupils best. We therefore use a range of resources to support PSHE, citizenship and SMSC learning in our school including Go-Givers lessons, ideas from the PSHE Association, resources from Coram Life Education (which support the health and drugs education aspects of PSHE) and some resources we still create ourselves in response to the pupils’ needs.

What are the benefits of the resources?

For big citizenship topics like democracy that can sometimes seem rather dry and complicated to teach, it’s really helpful to have a ready-made, engaging PowerPoint that explains things clearly for younger children. We also really like the Go-Givers characters and referred to them in a recent inspection when asked about how we promoted tolerance and understanding. We enjoyed doing the Go-Givers Park and Go-Givers Community Centre lessons where the children had to design their own park or community centre that catered to the needs and interests of the different Go-Givers characters.