Bar Mock Trial Competition 2021/22: Chester Heat


About the competition

The Bar Mock Trial Competition helps 15-18 year olds to understand how the law touches every aspect of their lives, with them taking on the main roles found in a criminal trial, such as prosecutor, defendant and witness, with cases specially written by legal experts.

By taking part, young people can improve their life skills, such as critical thinking and public speaking, whilst gaining an insight into how the legal justice system works. Through enabling students to interact with legal professionals, the competition helps develop employability skills and boosts social mobility.

The competition is the largest and longest-running of its kind, involving hundreds of schools and thousands of students each year.

About this event

This is a closed event for participants in the 2021/22 Bar Mock Trial Competition.

This is a physical (in-person) Mock Trial heat, which will be held at Chester University on Saturday 5th March 2022.
Start date: 5th March 2022 09:00
End Date: 5th March 2022 16:00
Location: Chester University