Mock Trials

Mock Trials Celebration Event 2022


You gathered your teams. You prepared your case. Your classroom became a courtroom. Congratulations on successfully partipating in the Mock Trial competituion!

We hope the process has given your students a fun, inspiring and challenging encounter with the legal system, and sparked their curiosity for what’s next. Whether they go into a legal career or not, they are now equipped with skills to use throughout their journey.

Our Celebration Event will feature three real stories from people, like the students on your team, who took part in the Mock Trials themselves. We have invited speakers from a range of professions to tell us their own stories of dreams, aspirations and journeys ‘From Mock Trials To…’

There will be an interactive legal quiz; a highlight reel filled with your submissions; and we will be announcing the winners of the Court Artist and Court Reporter Competition.

The speakers for this year’s Celebration Event will be announced in due course.


Please note (for School Tickets only):

  • Registration is for teachers ONLY;
  • Please book your tickets using your school email;
  • Please let us know how many of your team will be logging on on the day (even if they are joining as individuals);
  • We have included questions regarding your highlight of the mock trials this year and an option to submit a question to the panellists. We will try and include/read out as many as possible at the event itself. Thank you in advance for your submissions!
Start date: 16th June 2022 15:50
End Date: 16th June 2022 17:00
This event is online