As someone who doesn't like running, I'm a little apprehensive, to say the least, about tackling 13.1 miles. However, I couldn't be running for a more worthy cause, so please sponsor me to make the pain of training worth it!

Young Citizens helps young people to become active, engaged and motivated citizens by improving their understanding of the law, their rights and responsibilities and by helping them to engage in democratic society through social action. Each year Young Citizens work supports 250,000 children and young people.

Since 1989, Young Citizens has helped generations of young people to become engaged and active citizens.
Young Citizens work ranges from immersive learning projects where young people learn about the legal justice system to empowering children to take action on social issues they care about most. They empower teachers and volunteering professionals with specialist training and resources to work with young people. They also campaign to persuade those in power of the importance of high quality citizenship education for every young person, whoever they are.

Young Citizens work relies on the commitment and loyalty of thousands of skilled teachers, volunteers, sponsors and donors to help us make our unique impact to strengthening society.

Ruth Le Breton