Be a part of our mission for change

Young Citizens is committed to working with a variety of sectors to reach as many young people as possible through our corporate volunteering programmes, Experts in Schools. We need you to provide your skills, experience and knowledge to help the next generation in becoming active, young citizens.

National reach requires a national network

We have an ambitious 10-year strategy in place which demands that we work with the legal sector, finance sector, the media and beyond to engage volunteers from a variety of sectors and to grow our programmes.

By 2020 we want to quadruple the number of intermediaries we work with, reaching more than 200,000 young people each year. We want you to be a part of that journey.

Whether you’re a tech company, a law firm or a newspaper we urge you to get in touch with Therri Tait to find out how you can support.

Experts in Schools benefits corporates and young people together.

'As much as it is a learning experience for them, the young people make you think about quite common issues from a completely different perspective. I highly enjoyed it and will definitely do it again.' 
Associate, Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy

We want to increase the number of professionals we work with to deliver innovative, life-changing experiences for young people.

Help us in equipping the next generation with the tools they need to critically evaluate the news, media, law, democracy, economy, and the world around them with skill and confidence.

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