Making a difference to society

The Make a Difference Challenge is a child-led social action project that empowers some of our youngest Young Citizens. It provides them with an opportunity to identify and research a social or environmental issue that they feel passionate about, then make a difference to this through awareness raising, fundraising or taking practical action.

The Make a Difference Challenge provides an excellent context for meaningful SMSC learning, pupil voice and personal development.

The project enables key stage 2 (8-11years) children to get a real understanding of the issues communities face, and take the lead in making a difference to them. They learn to empathise with those who are disadvantaged, recognise the role of government, voluntary groups and charitable organisations and consider the part they can play in bringing about positive change.

In June 2019 we launched a new online training package to support teachers nationwide thanks to the Pears Foundation and #iwill Fund. If you are a teacher and you want help to set up social action in your school, click on the link in the 'suggested next steps' below and leave your details.

The impact of the Make a Difference Challenge

The Make a Difference Challenge is a programme that informs and empowers young people how to create change within their community. It has been running for more than a decade and has produced incredible stories of young people’s generosity and resilience. Over 1,000 young people have been involved in the past year, with over £3,000 raised for charities including RSPCA, Cancer Research, Get Well Gamers, RLNI, and Bliss.

Young Citizens was awarded Impact Partner status which featured the Make a Difference Challenge programme.

Suggested Next Steps: