“Citizenship and civic engagement policy is insufficient”: House of Lords publishes new report on citizenship education

The House of Lords has published a new report on the current state of citizenship and civic engagement.

The Ties that Bind is a follow-up to a 2018 report of the same name which intended to be a “framework for cultivating a sense of belonging” and “defining…a model of citizenship that emphasises what we have in common”.

Amongst its many recommendations, it called for the appointment of a dedicated minister responsible for “all matters related to citizenship and civic engagement”.

However, the follow-up report says that “coordination of citizenship and civic engagement policy is insufficient” in its current state.

Our CEO Ashley Hodges is quoted in the report, saying:

“Levelling up is looking at putting power back into the hands of people locally. You will see a real struggle if we do not invest in citizenship education because people do not have the confidence to engage with institutions and the Government.”

You can read the full report here.


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