Our Annual Report for 2019-20 has been published

Young Citizens has published its Annual Report and Accounts for 2019-20, which showcases its work over the year to March 2020. Highlights include:

8,800 school interventions

up from 4,500 last year, mainly due to the popularity of our topical teaching resources on topics as wide ranging as the General Election, the Rule of Law, animal welfare, and social media. There was an even split between primary and secondary level.

370,000 children and young people benefiting from our programmes

either directly through involvement in one of them, or because we helped their school to improve its citizenship education.

2,000 volunteers

often experts in professions such as law, media, politics and economics. Many of our volunteers work directly with children and young people.

Tom Franklin, CEO, commented,

“I’m very proud of the work of our staff and volunteer team in supporting the ‘civic journey’ of so many children and young people. 2019-20 was a very successful year, and our Annual Report tells the story of some of our achievements.

As the year was coming to a close, the Covid pandemic struck. Like many other charities, our work has been massively disrupted. We feel very lucky to have such supportive partners, funders, donors and volunteers who have worked with us over the last six months to keep things going. It’s very encouraging to see so many schools committed to maintaining a broad curriculum despite (or perhaps because of) the challenges. Young people need the space to process and make sense of the events they’re living through.”

Suggested next steps:

  • You can download a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts or watch the short video above, where Tom introduces it. 
  • Look to our programmes to become involved and motivate pupils to learn how to become active citizens.
  • Here are opportunities to volunteer with Young Citizens to be a part of the difference we are making.