Young Citizens wins Global Dimension Award for its teaching resources

We’re thrilled to announce that Young Citizens has won a Top Publisher Award at Reboot the Future’s Global Dimension Awards 2023

The awards celebrate the most innovative and engaging teaching resource publishers in the UK. 

Reboot the Future said “we have the privilege of collaborating with passionate organisations looking to provide teachers with the best, most engaging resources for their classrooms. 

“We think that high-quality resources and the wonderful people that make them deserve recognition. The Top Publishers Award goes to the five organisations who have been producing the most consistent, high quality, and cutting-edge resources which have been featured on Global Dimension in 2023.”


Sparking active citizenship 

Our education team has been working incredibly hard to create resources covering essential topics such as social action, digital citizenship, economics, health and wellbeing, democracy, relationships, sustainability and law. 

Over 500,000 children and young people benefit from these resources every year, gaining key knowledge and life skills whilst discovering how they can become active citizens in their communities and wider society. 

Education Manager, Naomi Kennedy, said:  “On behalf of everyone at Young Citizens, we would like to thank Reboot the Future for this award.  We hope our resources have provided a unique access point to active citizenship for teachers, children and young people alike.

“With each resource, we want to help pupils and students explore society’s biggest topics and consider what they can do to make a difference. In an increasingly divided society, with a constantly shifting media landscape, these discussions are a vital part of every young learner’s education journey.”


Discover our resources 

It is free for schools and other organisations to sign up and download our resources. Access the library here.