Young Citizens voices support for online voting trials

Young Citizens has joined with more than 30 other charities and academics to voice strong support for the Scottish Government’s plans to trial online voting.

The plans could involve voting machines at polling stations as well as people being able to vote via their computers or smart phones, in elections for both the Scottish Parliament and local councils.

The letter was devised by WebRoots Democracy and is signed by a wider range of organisations including Army Families Federation and Disability Equality Scotland.

Tom Franklin, Chief Executive of Young Citizens, commented,

These days we are able to do almost everything via the internet: fill our tax returns, apply for bank accounts, pay our bills, apply for social security benefits.  In this modern age, it can’t be beyond human ingenuity to devise a secure way of voting online.  At Young Citizens, we believe this could be particularly beneficial for young people who are the most likely to be comfortable with online voting.  It would be great to see Scotland leading the way with these trials.