Supporting Hill Farmers

KS2 children at Ingleton Primary School in County Durham explain why they chose to make a difference to hill farmers

We looked at over 15 causes before choosing to make a difference to hill farmers in crisis. We live in rural County Durham and hill farmers near us are really struggling.

The first thing we did was toĀ split into groups to look at hill farming in more detail. Each group had to present their findings to the class so that we all learnt from each other.Ā 30 heads are better than one!

We found out that the 3 main problems affecting hill farming were: the weather, crops not growing and wool prices. We found lots of newspaper articles about the difficulties.

We also found out that County Durham Community Foundation had an interest in hill farming and found out about the Upper Teesdale Agriculture Support Services. They have set up a ”helping hands” project to help farmers with work on their farms. During bad weather extra hands are very welcome!

We thought the best way we could help would be by raising money to help the hill farmers.Ā Our biggest tip for fundraising is to know your facts about your cause. If you know a lot about the cause, then you can persuade others to care about it too!

We also intend to buy more British products to help our farmers. PleaseĀ help us with this aim by being more mindful about where your products are made, and supporting British-made products where possible.


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