Supporting Birmingham Children’s Hospital 

The children at Raddlebarn Primary School wanted to improve the lives of the parents and staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Their teacher tells us how they made a difference to the hospital.  

The children decided that they wanted to make the stay for children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital a more pleasant experience as well as helping make things a little easier for the staff who work there. 

The children had a lot of different ideas about how they could help and discussed these as a group. They decided to run a fundraising event to raise money to donate to the hospital by organising a parent’s race as part of our school Sports Day.  Parents were asked to make a donation in order to take part in the race. Children also made merchandise for parents to buy on Sports Day to help them to cheer their children on.  

As part of the lead up to the event the children delivered an assembly to the whole of KS2 to raise awareness about what the hospital does to help children. They encouraged their peers to think about how the children and staff at the hospital would be feeling.  

The children also made activity booklets that were sent to the hospital to help keep patients entertained when in the waiting room or if they are staying in hospital for a longer time and are unable to get out of bed. 

‘The Make a Difference Challenge is an excellent way to empower children in helping them understand that they can have a positive impact on others through their actions. It has been a fantastic opportunity to help our children develop a variety of skills, such as leadership skills, organisation skills, public speaking skills, plus many more. It was also great to let the children take the lead with the project and follow their interests and ideas.’ – Teacher 

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