Assessment Methods


Assessment that involves pupils has a strong influence on their motivation and self-esteem, both of which have a profound effect on learning. This document describes different methods.

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Pre and Post Assessment

This assessment method is suited for use before and after a longer group assignment.


Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s levels of learning with associated questioning verbs and exemplar questions.

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Classroom Toolkits

De Bono Hats

The best decisions often come from looking at problems from different viewpoints. By using De Bono Thinking hats children learn how to change their style of thinking to find new…

Classroom Toolkits

Questions to Develop Citizenship

Useful questions to help develop children's critical thinking, emotional literacy and empathy as well as support their moral development. These can be used when discussing stories or examining situations that…

Classroom Toolkits

Controversial issues: guidance for schools

Children are alert to information and images they see in the media. These may graphically influence their view of...

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