Based on 30-years of expertise, we have developed face-to-face and online training to help teachers and other educational professionals develop active, engaged and informed young citizens. We are accredited by the CPD Standards Office and much of our training is CPD certified. 

Face-to-face training

Our experienced trainers are able to deliver the following courses, tailored to meet the needs of your school, as either a half day INSET or as an after school twilight session:

Making Sense of SMSC

This CPD certificated session will enable delegates to:

  • Explore what SMSC is and why it’s important;
  • Understand what Ofsted says about SMSC and the value the new framework places on this;
  • Consider how SMSC connects with the rest of the curriculum and how it adds value to it.

Fundamental British Values

This session will enable delegates to:

  • Understand what British values are;
  • Consider why British avlues are important;
  • Connect British values and SMSC education;
  • Review recommended resources;
  • Look at how Britsh values are reflected in the Teaching Standards and Ofsted inspections.

Introduction to Social Action for Primary Schools

This CPD certified session will enable delegates to:

  • Understand the six key principles of high-quality youth social action; focusing particularly on how to ensure its sufficiently challenging;
  • Explore the concept of child-led learning, the benefits and challenges, how and why it’s used in developing your social action project;
  • Consider some tools and techniques for scaffolding child-led social action e.g. the Belle Wallace TASC Wheel or other plan-do-review models;
  • Develop facilitation and questioning techniques to help children make their own decisions about the direction of their projects.


  • Twilight (90 minutes) £200.00* 
  • Half Development Day (3 hours) £350.00*

*As we have a limited number of trainers to cover the whole country, we many need to charge travel costs depending on the location of your school. This will be discussed and agreed when you book your training session.

Online training

We are in the process of growing our online training and currently are able to offer:

Introduction to Social Action for Primary Teachers: A free one hour CPD-certificated course available here.

Make a Difference Challenge Teacher Training: This four hour CPD certificated course is only for schools who have purchased a Make a Difference Challenge Annual Licence.

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