Digital Legal Experts in Schools

Digital Legal Experts in Schools is a new remote volunteering opportunity that pairs corporate businesses with schools for skills-based workshops.

In 2020 we adapted our longstanding Legal Experts in Schools programme that has been running for over 20 years into a brand new format especially designed for digital delivery. In adapting the delivery format and resources, our partners can volunteer from anywhere to boost young people’s legal capability and equip them with vital life-skills.

How does it work?

Digital Legal Experts in Schools is made up of six, 1-hour sessions. Working in small groups, students are guided through specially created resources to learn about relevant and engaging areas of the law. The sessions are facilitated by teachers, with content delivered through quizzes, pre-recorded videos, student-led group discussions and live Q&A sessions with legal professionals.

The resources help young people understand the UK’s legal system while developing their oracy, critical thinking and analytical skills. Through exposure to working with legal professionals, participants may also have their aspirations raised leading to greater social mobility.

A game changer

This new digital format now allows us to partner with schools across the UK without any geographical restriction. So, for the first time, we can now extend this unique and valuable opportunity so current and new partners can volunteer with young people living in social mobility cold spots or areas of deprivation that are often the hardest to reach.

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