Media Experts in Schools

Developing resilience and critical thinking skills through media literacy

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, society’s need for young people to be media literate becomes more and more necessary. Media Experts in Schools offers young people the unique opportunity to learn about the media from the very people whose day to day is spent navigating and creating media content for a diverse range of media platforms.

Media Experts in Schools was created in partnership with our long-standing corporate partners, FTI Consulting, and aims to improve young people’s media literacy and resilience by partnering businesses with local schools to provide communication professionals with the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom.

During 3 one-hour sessions, professionals work with small groups of secondary school students facilitating conversation and debate on topics such as fake news, bias and media regulation. Through this project, young people learn how to better navigate the media. Working closely with professionals, students are also opened up to the world of work as they build key employability competencies, such as critical thinking and communication skills. Download our Media Experts in Schools leaflet.

“Working in small groups with the volunteers was great. They asked me questions and helped me to develop my self-confidence.”

Student, 14, Haberdasher’s Aske Crayford Academy

“I volunteered on the programme for my own personal development and to give back to the community. The topics were really relevant and very interesting and it was exciting to volunteer at a time when the media is such a hot topic.”

Volunteer, FTI Consulting

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