Britain's future depends on empowering the next generation to become active citizens

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Mock Trials

The Mock Trials are an effective and fun way of helping young people understand how the judicial system works. Learn how you can get involved...



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Schools measure children by their academic achievement. However, we need to remember that qualities such as empathy, compassion and fair-mindedness are just as important.



We have mobilised more than 300,000 young people to take social action.

We've helped 80% of secondary schools nurture active citizens.


We are the UK's leader in the field of public legal information (PLE) for young people. PLE gives young people the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle everyday problems.




We believe it is vital young people get to grips with key financial terms during their school life. Our programmes and conferences enable finance professionals from the most reputable companies to help bring this education to life.



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Help us fight for the role of citizenship education in educating and preparing young people for life beyond the school gates. Fundraise for us and help us champion a society with greater equality and social cohesion.


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  • Using Books and Stories to Enhance SMSC Learning - London

    The conference targets Key Stage 1 & 2 teachers. The event will look at the power of stories to engage and enrich the primary curriculum and support SMSC development. Read more

  • Advocacy Skills Conference - Portsmouth

    The Advocacy Skills Conference is for students aged 14-18 and is aimed at developing students’ legal knowledge as well as their employability skills. At the conference, students experience a number of advocacy masterclasses, delivered by legal professionals. Read more